Cookies policy

Cookie Files — are small packages of data that are created while you are using the site and stored inside your browser. Cookies enable some parts of the site to work, and also help to improve the user experience. Below we will describe each type of cookie we collect in more detail.

Session Cookies

These files make the authorization process more convenient. They allow you to automatically return to the desired page of the site after the authorization, as well as remember the session and do not need to reauthorize every time you visit the site.

System cookies

These files make it possible for individual pages of the site to function properly if you disable cookies. By disabling cookies, you agree that certain parts of the site may no longer function properly.

Analytical cookies

These files help analyze user activities and improve the site based on the collected data.

Marketing Cookies

These files are used to analyze our advertising campaigns, help personalize our advertising messages and make them more relevant.

How do I disable cookies?

You can disable all or some cookies in your browser settings. Remember that this may cause certain features of the site to be unavailable.