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The contract is a convenient way to craft a new skin, using another skins won on the site.
In order to create a contract, you need at least 3 skins. The easiest way to get skins for a contract is to open some of your favorite cases.
After you have put the items into the contract, you will see the range of the values of the item you can receive. The higher the contract amount is, the better the drop is.
By creating a contract, you can swap up to 10 cheap skins into a brand new one. Use skins that you don’t like and get yourself something shiny instead!
No, you cannot. To create a contract, only skins opened on the Goskin website and placed in your inventory can be used. However, you can use skins from Steam to top up the account balance on the website via payment service SkinPay. To do this, click "top up an account" and then click "Add skins".